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About Hillsborough Baptist School

A Ministry of Landmark Baptist Church in Seffner, Florida

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Hillsborough Baptist School was founded in 1992. We’re extremely proud of our students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. We utilize small class sizes to do our best to meet the needs of all learners. We desire to create an educational atmosphere that students will love being around. Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them in order to foster spiritual, emotional, and academic growth. At Hillsborough Baptist School, we are constantly striving to make learning fun and dynamic so that all of our students can live to their greatest potential in Christ.

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Mission Statement

"Inspiring Excellence, Nurturing Honor, Fostering Growth"

Our mission is to Inspire Excellence in education, Nurture Honor in the individual citizen, and Foster Growth in the whole person.

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HBS Lion Logo.jpg

Philosophy of Education

The school’s highest priority is to foster growth in each individual. Individuals are created in God’s image, yet marred by sin. The sinful nature of the individual expresses itself in specialities and deficiencies of the mind, body, soul, and spirit, creating a necessity for growth and development in all people. Wherever the school is able, it must seek to foster growth in all students, utilizing essential accommodations.  Spiritual growth comes from a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, from developing a personal relationship with God, from developing life principles based upon the Bible, and from developing a Biblical worldview. Conformity to Christ’s image (Romans 8:29) is the ultimate goal of spiritual training; however, this cannot be accomplished without transforming and renewing the heart and mind (Romans 12:2). Emotional and social growth comes from submission to authority, compassion for others, perseverance through challenges, constraining self for the growth of others, and unwavering devotion to Christ.
The school’s next priority is to inspire excellence in academics and all other extracurricular activities. Rigorous academics are stressed at every level. Thinking skills should not only be strengthened through standard courses, but also, through critical thinking with the Bible as the standard of Absolute Truth. All truth is recognized as God’s truth and is not in conflict with the Scriptures. Excellence includes self-control, respect for law and order, patriotism, and morality.
While fostering growth in all individuals, the school is responsible to nurture honor within the individual citizen. Nurturing honor includes promoting moral, Christ-like leaders in a productive society. Honor is motivated through the cultivation of appropriate relationships with peers, parents, faculty, and mentors.
In order to inspire excellence, nurture honor, and foster growth in the whole child, this philosophy of education is incorporated into all curriculum, written and hidden.


Join our Team

If you are interested in a teaching position or to be a part of our staff, please send us an email by clicking the link below.

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